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system unit unit-
notes conversion
combination output units
SI megametre Mm Mm US spelling: megameter
kilometre km km US spelling: kilometer
  • km mi
metre m m US spelling: meter
  • m ft
  • m ftin
centimetre cm cm US spelling: centimeter
  • cm in
millimetre mm mm US spelling: millimeter
  • mm in
micrometre μm (um) µm US spelling: micrometer
nanometre nm nm US spelling: nanometer
non-SI metric ångström Å
Å 0.0000000001
US customary
mile mi mi 1,609.344
  • mi km
furlong furlong 201.168
chain chain 20.1168
rod rd rd For other names of this unit see the full list. 5.0292
fathom fathom assumes 1 fathom ≡ 6 ft 1.8288
yard yd yd assumes the international definition 0.9144
foot ft (foot) ft Code "foot" will show "foot" if plural. 0.3048
  • ftin (feet and inches)
  • ft m (foot m)
inch in in 0.0254
  • in cm
  • in mm
Other nautical mile nmi nmi the international standard nautical mile
For other nautical miles see the full list.
parsec pc pc Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (30856775814671916*10^-16) | 1-0 }}×10^16
light-year ly ly Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (9460730472580800*10^-15) | 1-0 }}×10^15
astronomical unit AU AU 149,597,870,700

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