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Ntsh (Number Table Sorting, Hidden) generates a hidden sort key that allows numbers to sort correctly when a column of a sortable table needs to be sorted alphabetically. This template is a hidden version of {{Number table sorting}}. See Help:Sorting#Sorting with a hidden key. It can be used to prefix non-numeric entries; for example, using {{ntsh|0}}None will cause "None" to be sorted as if it had a numeric value of zero.

This template has the same limitation as {{Number table sorting}}. Please read Template:Number table sorting#Limitations


The first unnamed parameter must be a number.

The only option is |debug=yes which causes the search key to be displayed in a box followed by the number.


{{ntsh|some number}}

This template is not intended for use with non numeric input. Doing so will result in an error message.


No output is displayed when using almost all browsers. If a text browser is used the result is undefined. See Wikipedia:Accessibility#Users with limited CSS/JavaScript support.

{{ntsh|123456789.00123}} generates <span style="display:none">&10000000123456789001230</span>
{{ntsh|-123456789.00123}} generates <span style="display:none">&09999999876543210998769</span>
{{ntsh|123456789.00123|debug=yes}} generates &10000000123456789001230 123456789.00123

See also

  • {{Nts}}
  • {{Ntss}}
  • {{Sms}} – used to generate any hidden sort key

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