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system unit unit-
notes conversion factor/J combinations
SI gigajoule GJ GJ 1,000,000,000
megajoule MJ MJ 1,000,000
kilojoule kJ kJ 1,000
hectojoule hJ hJ 100
decajoule daJ daJ 10
joule J J 1
decijoule dJ dJ 0.1
centijoule cJ cJ 0.01
millijoule mJ mJ 0.001
microjoule μJ (uJ) µJ 0.000001
nanojoule nJ nJ 0.000000001
cgs megaerg Merg Merg 0.1
kiloerg kerg kerg 0.0001
erg erg erg 0.0000001
Watt-hour multiples terawatt-hour TWh TWh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (3600000000000000*10^-15) | 1-0 }}×10^15
TW.h TW·h
gigawatt-hour GWh GWh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (3600000000000*10^-12) | 1-0 }}×10^12
GW.h GW·h
megawatt-hour MWh MWh 3,600,000,000
MW.h MW·h
kilowatt-hour kWh kWh 3,600,000
kW.h kW·h
watt-hour Wh Wh 3,600
W.h W·h
gigaelectronvolt GeV GeV 0.0000000001602176487
megaelectronvolt MeV MeV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000001602176487*10^--13) | 1-0 }}×10^−13
kiloelectronvolt keV keV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000001602176487*10^--16) | 1-0 }}×10^−16
electronvolt eV eV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000001602176487*10^--19) | 1-0 }}×10^−19
millielectronvolt meV meV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000000001602176487*10^--22) | 1-0 }}×10^−22
Calorie multiples calorie Cal Cal The thermo-chemical calorie is the default definition. For others, see the full list. 4,184
megacalorie Mcal Mcal 4,184,000
kilocalorie kcal kcal 4,184
calorie cal cal 4.184
millicalorie mcal mcal 0.004184
foot-poundal ftpdl ft·pdl 0.0421401100938048
foot-pound force ftlbf ft·lbf 1.3558179483314004
ftlb-f ft·lbf
inch-pound force inlbf in·lbf 0.1129848290276167
inlb-f in·lbf
inch-ounce force inozf in·ozf 0.00706155181422604375
inoz-f in·ozf
horsepower-hour hph hp·h 2,684,519.537696172792
British thermal unit British thermal unit Btu Btu The International Steam Table British thermal unit is used. For others, see the full list. 1,055.05585262
TNT-based units gigatonne of TNT GtTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000000000*10^-18) | 1-0 }}×10^18
gigaton of TNT GtonTNT
megatonne of TNT MtTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000000*10^-15) | 1-0 }}×10^15
megaton of TNT MtonTNT Mt
kilotonne of TNT ktTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000*10^-12) | 1-0 }}×10^12
kiloton of TNT ktonTNT kt
tonne of TNT tTNT 4,184,000,000
ton of TNT tonTNT
Hartree Eh Eh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.00000000000000000435974417*10^--18) | 1-0 }}×10^−18
rydberg Ry Ry Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000021798741*10^--18) | 1-0 }}×10^−18
tonne of oil equivalent toe toe 41,868,000,000
barrel of oil equivalent BOE BOE 6,117,863,200
cubic foot of natural gas cuftnaturalgas (cufootnaturalgas) Unit-code cufootnaturalgas will show "cubic foot of natural gas" if plural. 1,055,055.85262
litre-atmosphere latm l·atm 101.325
Latm L·atm
gallon-atmosphere impgalatm imp gal·atm 460.63256925
gallon-atmosphere USgalatm
US gal·atm 383.5568490138
U.S. gal·atm

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