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This template can be used to italicise page titles. It should only be used in articles that meet the criteria for italic titles given in the Article titles policy.

Normally the template is placed at the top of the article.

IF IT DOESN'T WORK: Try putting the template after the infobox. If it still doesn't work, use DISPLAYTITLE instead of this template; again, this may need to go after the infobox.


Basic usage
{{italic title}}
All italicized
{{italic title|all=yes}}

Article titles cannot contain wiki-formatting, such as '', so cannot be made italic in the normal way. Instead, place this template in the article, normally at the very top. It will then have the following effect:

  • Titles with no parentheses () are fully italicised:
    • FooFoo
    • Talk:FooTalk:Foo
  • Titles which contain parentheses are italicised before the first opening parenthesis:
    • Foo (bar)Foo (bar)
    • Talk:Foo (bar)Talk:Foo (bar)
  • Italicization can be forced on parenthesized text with the |all=yes parameter.

Some infoboxes automatically attempt to italicise the title of the article in which they are included. When this works correctly, this template is not needed. When it doesn't work correctly, try putting the {{Italic title}} after the infobox.


This is the TemplateData documentation for the template used by the new VisualEditor.

Italic title <templatedata> {

       "description": "A template to italicize article titles",
       "params": {
               "yes": {
                       "label": "All",
                       "description": "Italicization forced on parenthesized text",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

} </templatedata>

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Templates which use this template should display the following notice:

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