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Template:Convert/list of units/row

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|- |rowspan=1 valign=top align=center |[[{{{n}}}|{{{n}}}]] |align=center valign=top|{{{1}}} |align=center valign=top|{{{u}}} |rowspan=1 valign=top| |rowspan=1 valign=top align=right|1.0 |valign=top|

The Template:Convert/list_of_units/row displays one row of the unit-code tables in the {{Convert/list_of_units}} documentation page. The template operates as a conversion output formatter, invoked during a partial conversion as the {d} display template (rather than converting to another unit). Parameters:

  • parameter 1 - the unit text title
  • parameter 2 - (not used)
  • parameter 3 - the rowspan setting (1 or 2)
  • parameter 4 - the {altab} text to show "( )" after the unit text, else {fmt}
  • parameter 5 - beginning markup {fmt} to format conversion factor {b}
  • parameter 6 - ending markup {fmtend} for conversion factor {b}
  • {n}, {u}, {t} - the unit name, symbol & article title of the unit
  • {s} - the U.S. spelling of the unit (aka us=...)
  • {b} - conversion factor defined for unit "zz" in {Convert/zz}

This template, used for documentation, is invoked from each {Convert/<unit>} to display one of the rows in each section's table of the short list of Convert's unit-codes. However, several rows in {Convert/list_of_units} are hard-coded rather than using this template to display {n}, {u}, {t} and {b} for a particular unit-code. The assignment of the 6 numbered parameters, as passed here, is set by template {{Convert/list_of_units/item}}, acting as a dynamic template which changes it's target template based on the unit-code. fa:الگو:Convert/list of units/row or:ଟେମ୍ପଲେଟ:Convert/list of units/row pt:Predefinição:Convert/lista de unidades/row vi:Bản mẫu:Convert/list of units/row

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