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system unit unit-
notes conversion factor/J combinations
SI gigajoule GJ GJ 1,000,000,000
megajoule MJ MJ 1,000,000</small>
kilojoule kJ kJ 1,000</small>
hectojoule hJ hJ 100</small>
decajoule daJ daJ 10</small>
joule J J 1</small>
decijoule dJ dJ 0.1</small>
centijoule cJ cJ 0.01</small>
millijoule mJ mJ 0.001</small>
microjoule μJ (uJ) µJ 0.000001</small>
nanojoule nJ nJ 0.000000001</small>
cgs megaerg Merg Merg 0.1
kiloerg kerg kerg 0.0001</small>
erg erg erg 0.0000001</small>
Watt-hour multiples terawatt-hour TWh TWh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (3600000000000000*10^-15) | 1-0 }}×10^15
TW.h TW·h
gigawatt-hour GWh GWh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (3600000000000*10^-12) | 1-0 }}×10^12</small>
GW.h GW·h
megawatt-hour MWh MWh 3,600,000,000</small>
MW.h MW·h
kilowatt-hour kWh kWh 3,600,000
kW.h kW·h
watt-hour Wh Wh 3,600</small>
W.h W·h
gigaelectronvolt GeV GeV 0.0000000001602176487
megaelectronvolt MeV MeV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000001602176487*10^--13) | 1-0 }}×10^−13</small>
kiloelectronvolt keV keV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000001602176487*10^--16) | 1-0 }}×10^−16</small>
electronvolt eV eV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000001602176487*10^--19) | 1-0 }}×10^−19</small>
millielectronvolt meV meV Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000000001602176487*10^--22) | 1-0 }}×10^−22
Calorie multiples calorie Cal Cal The thermo-chemical calorie is the default definition. For others, see the full list. 4,184
megacalorie Mcal Mcal 4,184,000
kilocalorie kcal kcal 4,184
calorie cal cal 4.184
millicalorie mcal mcal 0.004184
foot-poundal ftpdl ft·pdl 0.0421401100938048
foot-pound force ftlbf ft·lbf 1.3558179483314004</small>
ftlb-f ft·lbf
inch-pound force inlbf in·lbf 0.1129848290276167</small>
inlb-f in·lbf
inch-ounce force inozf in·ozf 0.00706155181422604375
inoz-f in·ozf
horsepower-hour hph hp·h 2,684,519.537696172792
British thermal unit British thermal unit Btu Btu The International Steam Table British thermal unit is used. For others, see the full list. 1,055.05585262
TNT-based units gigatonne of TNT GtTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000000000*10^-18) | 1-0 }}×10^18
gigaton of TNT GtonTNT
megatonne of TNT MtTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000000*10^-15) | 1-0 }}×10^15
megaton of TNT MtonTNT Mt
kilotonne of TNT ktTNT Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (4184000000000*10^-12) | 1-0 }}×10^12
kiloton of TNT ktonTNT kt
tonne of TNT tTNT 4,184,000,000
ton of TNT tonTNT
Hartree Eh Eh Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.00000000000000000435974417*10^--18) | 1-0 }}×10^−18
rydberg Ry Ry Template:Hid{{#invoke:Math|precision_format| (0.0000000000000000021798741*10^--18) | 1-0 }}×10^−18</small>
tonne of oil equivalent toe toe 41,868,000,000</small>
barrel of oil equivalent BOE BOE 6,117,863,200</small>
cubic foot of natural gas cuftnaturalgas (cufootnaturalgas) Unit-code cufootnaturalgas will show "cubic foot of natural gas" if plural. 1,055,055.85262
litre-atmosphere latm l·atm 101.325</small>
Latm L·atm
gallon-atmosphere impgalatm imp gal·atm 460.63256925
gallon-atmosphere USgalatm
US gal·atm 383.5568490138
U.S. gal·atm
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