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[KP 6/25/15] It is unclear to me if "Rustic Seat" (File: 0358) should be listed as an inscribed image for porch. The text accompanying the image describes many different architectural features, including a "a rustic seat, placed on a bold little plateau, at the base of a large tree, eighty feet above the water", a "little rustic pavilion, from which a much lower and wider view of the landscape is again enjoyed", and "a charming little covered resting place, in the form of a rustic proch" [sic].
<br/> [CT 7/2/15] "Porch" is actually spelled correctly in ''Horticulturist''...it was just misspelled in FileMaker (fixed now).  But I agree that it should be associated.
RA 7/9/15: There is a missing text and/or citation for the sentence "Downing used the term "pavilion" synonymously with "veranda." I cannot find "pavilion" used in the sense of "veranda" in Downing's treatise. He seems to equate pavilions with detached garden structures, such as temples and rustic seats. Here is what he says: <p></p>
: "a prospect tower or rustic pavilion, on a little eminence overlooking the whole estate..."<p></p>
: "The temple and the pavilion are highly finished forms of covered seats"<p></p>
: "With regard to pavilions, summer-houses, rustic seats, and garden edifices of like character.... a classic temple or pavilion may crown a beautiful and prominent knoll, and a rustic covered seat may occupy a secluded, quiet portion of the grounds..."<p></p>
: "Large and costly hot-houses were erected by Dr. Hosack, with also entrance lodges at two points on the estate, a fine bridge over the stream, and numerous pavilions and seats commanding extensive prospects..."
[KP 7/2/15] In the third paragraph there is a quote from Rev. Manasseh Cutler describing Monticello without a citation.<p></p>
RA 7/9/15: I have looked through all the keyword term binders and done many Google searches without finding the source for the paraphrased Manasseh Cutler quote on Monticello.

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