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Talk:Pleasure ground/Pleasure garden

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Waiting on response from Dutchess Historical Society for Pharoux's Tivoli plan; from Winterthur on Caylo's Harlem

Include an image (or images) of Gray's Garden???

We need to update this after seeing Anne Beamish article on pleasure grounds in Philadelphia Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes

http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14601176.2015.1019274#.VX804_YpCxA [CT 4/18/2016] How should we incorporate this article?

Include: “How shall we attempt to describe this enchanting spot, this fairy ground of pleasure and festivity, where new scenes met the eye at every step. The splendid, every where diversified, illumination, the superb fireworks, the distant waterfall, faintly seen through the trees, attracting the attention and pointing itself out by its murmuring sound, the ship union elegantly lighted up, and shining with superior lustre, the artificial island with its farmhouse and garden, these and many other scenes almost pained the eye with delight.” “Grays Gardens,” The Federal Gazette, and Philadelphia Daily Advertiser (6 July 1790), p. 3.

[KP 6/30/15] Re: Inscribed Image and Figure 7 - File:0935 Changed Alexander Walsh, "Plan of a Garden," 1841 to Alexander Walsh, "Plan of a Garden,", and Pleasure Ground, 1841, in order to reflect the text

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