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Talk:Pleasure ground/Pleasure garden

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Waiting on response from Dutchess Historical Society for Pharoux's Tivoli plan; from Winterthur on Caylo's Harlem

We need to update this after seeing Emily Beamish article on pleasure grounds in Philadelphia Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes An International Quarterly Volume 35, Issue 3, 2015. History as a source for innovation in landscape architecture: the First World War landscapes in Flanders Steven Heyde pages 183-197

Enjoyment in the night: discovering leisure in Philadelphia’s eighteenth-century rural pleasure gardens Anne Beamish pages 198-212 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14601176.2015.1019274#.VX804_YpCxA [CT 4/18/2016] How should we incorporate this article?

[KP 6/15] Changed the citation for Jane Loudon's Gardening for Ladies from the 1845 American edition to the 1843 American edition, in order to take advantage of Archive.org's digitized 1843 edition. The quote is exactly the same, though it did change the page numbers from 327-328 to 239-240. Let me know if I should change it back to the 1845 version. https://www.zotero.org/groups/54737/items/itemKey/VJ3SM523/q/Gardening%20for%20Ladies%7C

[KP 6/30/15] Re: Inscribed Image and Figure 7 - File:0935 Changed Alexander Walsh, "Plan of a Garden," 1841 to Alexander Walsh, "Plan of a Garden,", and Pleasure Ground, 1841, in order to reflect the text

[KP 6/30/15] Re: Deleted- Inscribed Image - File:0090b.jpg (Thomas Jefferson, Letter describing plans for a "Garden Olitory," c. 1804.) Added note to Terrace and Labyrinth that we should have an image of the whole letter as well as the detail.

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