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History of Early American Landscape Design

Samuel Vaughan

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Portrait of Samuel Vaughan

Samuel Vaughan (1720 – 1803) created the first park in the U.S. Located at the State House in Philadelphia, the design celebrated native species and Federal Era values. An English merchant, Vaughan also completed one of the best-known historic plans of the garden at Mount Vernon (1787).

--Emily T. Cooperman
The Cultural Landscape Foundation


Alcove, Bath/Bathhouse, Kitchen garden, Mall, Wilderness, Wood/Woods


  • Vaughan, Samuel, 1787, describing Mount Vernon, plantation of George Washington, Fairfax County, Va. (quoted in Norton and Schrage-Norton 1985: 142)[1]
“Before the front of the house . . . there are lawns, surrounded with gravel walks 19 feet wide. with trees on each side the larger, for shade. outside the walks trees & shrubberies. Parralel [sic] to each exterior side a Kitchen Gardens. with a stately hot house on one side.” [Fig. 4]




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