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History of Early American Landscape Design

Samuel Vaughan

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Portrait of Samuel Vaughan

Samuel Vaughan (1720 – 1803) created the first park in the U.S. Located at the State House in Philadelphia, the design celebrated native species and Federal Era values. An English merchant, Vaughan also completed one of the best-known historic plans of the garden at Mount Vernon (1787).

Associated Sites

Harper's Estate, Oakland, Place D'Armes (renamed Jackson Square), Sedgeley, United States Capitol, United States Navy Hospital and Asylum

Associated Terms

Ancient style, Basin, Canal, Clump, Column/Pillar, Flower Garden, French style, Gate/Gateway, Grove, Ha-Ha/Sunk fence, Landscape Gardening, Lawn, Mall, Obelisk, Parterre, Piazza/Veranda/Porch/Portico, Picturesque, Pleasure ground/Pleasure garden, Quarter, Square, Statue, Temple, Wood/Woods

Associated Texts

Carter II, Edward C., John C. Van Horne, and Charles E. Brownell. Latrobe’s View of America, 1795-1820: Selections from the Watercolors and Sketches. New Haven and London: Yale University Press for the Maryland Historical Society, 1985. view on Zotero

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