Coming soon== HISTORY OF EARLY AMERICAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN== <big>Therese O'Malley</big> <big>with contributions by</big><br /><big>Elizabeth Kryder-Reid and Anne L.Helmreich</big> == Print Edition == === Staff === Karin Alexis,Nik Apostolides,Robyn Asleson,Francine Chip,Barbara Christen,Julie Ernstein,Kristina Giasi,Sarah Hadley,Anne Helmreich,Nina James-Fowler,Laura Kinneberg,Eric Kramer,Stephanie Kristich,Elizabeth Kryder-Reid,Pauline Maguire,Martha McLoughlin Schloetzer,Curtis Millay,Amanda Mister,Sara Morasch Taylor,Gwen Neild,Anne Nellis Richter,Jill Pederson,Elizabeth Pergam,Kimberly Rodeffer,Jessica Ruse,Jennifer Rutman,Bailey Skiles,Helen Tangires,Susan Taylor-Leduc,Cynthia Ware === Advisory Board === John Dixon Hunt,Mark Laird,Carl Lounsbury,Amy R.W.Meyers,Henry Millon,Barbara W. Sarudy === Contributors === Carl Lounsbury,Barbara W. Sarudy,Elizabeth Eustis,Dell Upton,Tony Lewis === Archivists, curators, scholars, and librarians who provided assistance === Maria Canelli,David Cassedy,Michel Conan,Emily Cooperman,Lamia Doumato,Hugo Kappler,Linda Lott, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collections,Catha Rambusch, Wave Hill, Catalog of Landscape Records,Robert Schwarz,Ann Smart Martin,Charles Sterling,Helen Tangires,Robert Torchia,William Woys Weaver,Joseph S. Wood === Scholarly editor === Karen Madsen == Expanded Digital Edition == === Staff ===Chelsea Cole, Kathleen Lee === Contributors ===Robyn Asleson,Elizabeth Athens,Lacey Baradel,Alexander Brey,Barbara S. Christen ===Digital Project Supervisors===Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati, Benjamin Zweig ===Editors===Barbara S. Christen
Changes - History of Early American Landscape Design
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History of Early American Landscape Design
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